How Are You Part of the Miracle of Mindfulness?

Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) teaches us that the way to peace and happiness is through personal transformation, and that mindfulness is the key. From September 1 through October 31, to celebrate the monastics’ USA tour and the 40th anniversary of Thay’s bestselling book, “The Miracle of Mindfulness,” we invite you to:

Post on your social media pages showing how you are part of the miracle of mindfulness with our #miracleofmindfulness campaign.

I Am Part of the MiracleI Am Part of the MiracleBreathe, I am Part of the Miracle of Mindfulness

What To Do:

  1. Download one of these signs from our Toolkit below and print it out on 8½ x 11″ paper.
  2. Take a photo with the sign during a mindful moment to show how you are part of the miracle of mindfulness. Show how you practice living with peace and joy, fully awake to the present moment. We’d love to see photos of you and your friends, family and/or sangha and get a glimpse into your mindful moments. Show us how you manifest mindfulness in your daily life, to show mindfulness is not just on the meditation cushion.
  3. Please post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and tag your posts with hashtag #miracleofmindfulness. Feel free to post as often as you like!
  4. We’d also love to see you post this as your Facebook Profile image. See our Toolkit for the image. Let’s go viral with this during the tour!

Blue Cliff Monastery Group Photo


I Am Part of the Miracle

Thich Nhat Hanh defines mindfulness as the energy that helps us to be there 100 percent. It is the energy of our true presence. Everyone has the seed of mindfulness in himself or herself. We can practice it anytime.

As we practice mindful breathing, we become alive and awake, not only when we sit or walk, but when we’re making breakfast, washing dishes or performing any activity. If we know how to breathe in and out mindfully while making breakfast, we cultivate freedom – freedom from thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Our daily activities can become pleasant and meaningful. As a result, mindfulness helps bring joy, peace, and stability to ourselves and the people around us.

Together with our downloadable sign, please caption your photo with words about how you are part of the miracle. Below are some suggestions on incorporating #miracleofmindfulness moments to practice, share, and inspire others on social media:

  • Practice engaged Buddhism (e.g. volunteering for a charity to help relieve suffering in others)
  • Nourish time to be fully present with your family
  • Mindfully create art or a song
  • Enjoy your time in nature, realizing your interconnectedness with the Earth
  • Tend to your garden
  • Carve out time and enjoy doing nothing


In addition, we will soon offer details below on how you can help continue the miracle in a week-long celebration of Thay’s Continuation Day on October 11.


Miracle of Mindfulness Toolkit

Sample tweets and posts:

Are you part of the #miracleofmindfulness? @thichnhathanh [include your photo]

Be part of the miracle. #miracleofmindfulness @thichnhathanh [include your photo]

Join the #miracleofmindfulness movement! @thichnhathanh [include your photo]

Breathe, you are online #miracleofmindfulness @thichnhathanh [include your photo]

Today I am enjoying a mindful moment while I eat my lunch at work. #miracleofmindfulness [include your photo]

Working in my garden, I smile and breathe. I am part of the miracle. #miracleofmindfulness [include your photo]


Below are the Miracle of Mindfulness signs for you to print out and some graphics for you to post on your social media pages.


Printable Signs (.pdf) (8.5 x 11″) Please print one of these signs to use in your photos:

I Am Part of the Miracle Sign

Continue the Miracle Sign


Social Media Images

Please use the images below for your social media posts to help us promote the campaign. Images are sized specifically for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and there’s a Facebook Profile size if you’d like to change your profile photo for the duration of the tour. Simply right click on the image to save to your computer or device.


Facebook Profile:

I am Part of The Miracle of Mindfulness Facebook


Facebook Post:

I Am Part of the Miracle of Mindfulness - FacebookContinue the Miracle of Mindfulness - Facebook

Twitter Post:

I am Part of the Miracle TwitterContinue the Miracle Twitter


Instagram Post:

I Am Part of The Miracle of MindfulnessContinue the Miracle of Mindfulness Instagram


5 thoughts on “How Are You Part of the Miracle of Mindfulness?

  1. The Be Here Now Sangha, in Missoula, MT enjoys the Miracle of Mindfulness together in community every Monday night 🙂 We’re a TNH based sangha in the Rocky Mountains and are celebrating 13 years together this month!

  2. 15 de septiembre, continuacion del milagro de mindfulness y de los ancestros espirituales: nuestro Señor y nuestra Señora del Milagro de Salta, Argentina. Renovacion del pacto de amor : “somos tuyos y vosotros nuestros”

    Celebracion en la sangha de la Yerba Mate, Tralee, condado de Kerry en Irlanda

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