Tour Update for 2015

We are in the early stages of planning the 2015 North American tour that will include Thich Nhat Hanh along with the monks and nuns of Plum Village, European Institute of Applied Buddhism, Blue Cliff Monastery, Deer Park Monastery, and Magnolia Grove Monastery.

The sangha is planning to visit New York, Mississippi, and California between the months of September and November 2015 with retreats, days of mindfulness, Wake Up events, and more. At this time, no dates or locations have been finalized. Once the dates and locations have been finalized, they will be announced here on You may wish to SUBSCRIBE TO SITE UPDATES on the right side of the page to be notified via email.

60 thoughts on “Tour Update for 2015

  1. Linda and Chuck Turner says:

    We have been following Thich ever since our dear friend Akemi (Sister Tran) became a follower, now a nun. We have discussed with her how great it would be for the Maser and sangha to come to Mountain Ranch, where we live in No. CA. We have a large property and could host the gathering, or a beautiful volunteer run Park in Mtn. Ranch. There is one hotel in the area in Mokelumne Hill. Our deed says we are legal to have “tent revivals” on the place! It is an old rancho Please consider and talk to us! We are in the foothills of the Sierra, near Hwy 88, 4 and 49.Very similar temp and terrain as is the monastery in San Diego County. We believe many people would be interested in His message of Peace. Linda and Chuck Turner

  2. When will the tour dates be available ? Because of my line of work I must schedule all vacation time by Dec. of the preceding year.

  3. please passing to Wichita – Kansas when Thay has time (it’s a small town, I’m not sure people here know more about Thay, but I’m sure that I really respect and believe in Thay strongly). I wish that could happen..

  4. Please come to Madison, WI or Chicago. There are many wonderful places for retreats and the commitment of the snowflower sangha is as a bee to flowers. Thank you Thay.

  5. Rosalie Berger says:

    You make the spirit come alive in your words, your presence and just by the gift that you are, Thank You, thoughts are with you.

  6. I cant wait to get the schedule, I have been waiting years to meet him. Its my dream to listen to him in person. How do I get a notification when dates are set for 2015

      • think peace... says:

        Dear fellow followers of the way, we are so fortunate that Thay, now eighty-eight wonderful years and still making the long journey across the globe to share his amazing life and the Buddha’ limitless teachings to all of us. Thay, along with many monks and nuns have gone to great lengths, even learning more than thirty languages to ensure these teachings are transmitted accurately to all whom are able to hear them, and yet as if it were not enough many of us expect even more… This earthly world is a very small place to reside and I feel so blessed that North America even made the list of possible venues when deciding where to schedule mindfulness retreats. Let all of us remain mindful of how quickly it all goes by and do what little we have to in order to make the small journey to attend one of the three venues that will be made available to choose from. Last year I was unable to attend a full six day retreat as I am a full-time student, however, I felt it important to pay tribute to and drive the short distance from Kansas City to Mississippi on Saturday as to be able to attend the last morning on Sunday and then back that evening, do homework and be in class Monday morning. I know of no other teacher that is truly a modern day sage and still giving so much of himself to help countless others find their way. I believe that Thay certainly knows this passage as he has lived it since he was a boy walking the long path up the mountain just to see the hermit: When you light the way for others, your own path also becomes brighter… think peace and happiness always ; )

  7. May all the waves meet all the water, and may wishes to benefit others, like those waves of a kind parent toward their child, also come to fruition.

  8. Jody Landwehr Figgins says:

    Will any of the retreats be offered in noble silence from the end of orientation to the last day of the retreat (minus scheduled discussion groups) the way they used to be, instead of for only half of the day? I much prefer the prolonged silence for deeper reflection and healing. The retreat is just not the same without it.

    • The practice of noble silence is usually determined by the retreat organizers at the time of the retreat. As with our practice centers around the world, we will always have noble silence from after the evening activity until after breakfast.

    • Frank Ragsdale says:

      Thank you very much! I hope so too! I have read practically all of his books and I would LOVE to see him in person. My teacher in Vietnam was a student of Thich Nhat Hanh’s.

  9. Wishing peace and health to dear Thầy. He has taken up permanent residence in my heart. I think of him with deep gratitude every day.

  10. First I would like to send all my hopes and much strength to Thay in his recovery.

    I was just looking at the summer event schedule. Twice I have had a chance to go on retreat and once was when Thay was visiting. I was lucky to be able to go on these retreats. One was scheduled in the summer and one was on Columbus Day. I am a teacher and so I had this time free. I am feeling sad because these events were years ago and I have not been able to go since. More recently these retreats have been after the start of school. I hope there will be an event for educators scheduled during the summer.

  11. Becky Allen says:

    Hello. Will there still be a tour in 2015 for Thich Naht Hanh? I understand that his health is improving but I hadn’t heard whether he is well enough to travel and visit other Monasteries. I’m particularly interested in Deer Park Monastery and/or if he will be coming to Seattle. Thank you and peace and healing to all. Yours always

    • Thay will be recovering in Plum Village this year but you can join the monastic community founded, ordained and trained by Thich Nhat Hanh as they tour the United States to continue the legacy of the beloved Zen master. Join us for retreats, public talks, and days of mindfulness, and learn how you can bring the miracle of mindfulness into your daily life. The events listed here on this site are all the planned activities.

  12. Ronnie J Darling says:

    It would be nice if these things could happen in the midwest of the U.S. I live in Nebraska which is in the center of the U.S., however, many opportunities seem to be available for those who live in the east or the west.

    • Thanks for this Ronnie. We do appreciate and value people all across the nation and wish we could get to more locations. Our focus on this tour is the three practice centers we own in the USA. They are only located in California, Mississippi, and New York. We do offer smaller tours from time to time that do bring us to other locations. Peace.

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